02. Gabriel 大天使加百列:Benediction 祝福

Gabriel Wishes you to know that many blessings are sent to you from the angelic kingdoms.


Simply yield to this, don't resist, just let go. The joy and love you will receive, as flow directly from the Source, will surpass anything else you may experience.These feelings are the virtues that will always be received in the holy instant of benediction.


The Angels' service is to be a loving conduit for the Divine, lifting away any challenge you may experience. Fear makes us unaware of the Angels. Surrender the grip of fear and your blessing will accrue.


Say a prayer like Hail Mary, Full of Grace as a song to the Divine Feminine illuminating the nature of your connection with the Holy Ones.

你可以吟唱諸如"Hail Mary"(萬福瑪麗亞)、"Full of Grace"(滿有恩典)這樣的頌禱歌曲,讚嘆宇宙母親的能量,為你照亮你與神聖宇宙之心的連結。


    #Angels of Atlantis


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