04. Gabriel 大天使加百列:Inspiration 靈感


Take a deep breath and visualize your breath force as a beautiful blue light filling you.Gabriel will guide you to connect with the flow of the universe, with God's breath. When flow occurs thus, Gabriel removes the tensions and holding points that have prevented you from creating love and joy in your life.




Inspiration means to 'to be influenced by the Divine', and if you can take several moments to enjoy Gabriel's breath as you breath, relaxation will abound, and creative ideas will swiftly flow into your consciousness. Therefore, allow stillness to facilitate the flow. Pushing dosen't allow, it merely creates resistance.




Chant Ra Amen three times for channel of angelic inspiration to remain open, and yet protect yourself with a golden light around your aura as you move through the business of life. Thereby you will protect the exquisite vulnerability of your soul's truth.


在與天使連結傳導的過程當中,你可以唱誦"Ra Amen"三次,提醒自己全然地敞開,並用金色的光圍繞在你自身的靈光週圍,讓你經歷生活中的大小事時都能得到保護。而且這樣,你就能保護住你靈魂最真實的部分,那得來不易的精緻與美好。

    #Angels of Atlantis

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